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VinylLove™ turns your iPad into a sleek and beautiful turntable. That sits perfectly on your desk stand on top or next to your stereo system. And that you can carry around with you everywhere you go.

It’s not only beautiful; it changes the way you experience music. It takes you back, to a time when you listened to your albums one by one, when you enjoyed every single track, in the order they where meant to be listened to. It even has that nice crackling sound you get from playing your old vinyl records.

We brought life to our VinylLove with a lot of help from our roommates and friends at Binary Peak.

Visit www.binarypeak.se

“VinylLove for iPad is a music app that
beautifully mimics a record player…
it’s great looking and fun to listen to”
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VinylLove Pocket


VinylLove (universal)

VinylLove Pocket (iPhone only)


iPhone5 and iPad 3 support
We’re afraid we haven’t had time to tweak VinylLove for these devices yet. Please bare with us.

If you have the latest iPad software all you have to do is enter the multitask menu (double click the menu key), swipe the icons to the right and there it is! The icon next to the play controls. All the effects will stream out of your speakers as well.

Centerpiece Art
Why haven’t we used the Album Art for this? I mean it’s a great and quite obvious idea? Well mainly because it gives all the records such an 80s/90s feeling. Which could be ok (even great some would say) but we truly love a cleaner look like a lot of records had in the 60s and 70s so we decided to skip he album art.

The final word is not said on this subject though. Who knows what will happen if we do an update.

Oh yeah, there was actually one guy who expected to be able to create his own Centerpiece Art. Man that’s creative. Again a design with a bunch of settings. What’s up with wanting to have a bunch of settings? But anyways, it’s great fun that people want to be creative so please don’t ever stop! If you have an idea on how you want the Centerpiece Art should look like. Whether it’s for all records or for a special version for a select few, perhaps for one single artist or even a unique record, design it and send it to us. We would love it. And heck, maybe we’ll use it.

Missing album art
If this happens, just synch your device with iTunes on your computer and all the beautiful album art will appear in your plastic crates.

Place the pickup wherever you want
The default view of the player is made so that it’s easy for you to place the pickup in the beginning of a track. If you want to place it in a specific place within a track, simply double tap the screen and you will zoom in on the record. You can now place the pickup wherever you want.

Settings for dust/crackle
Seriously, we hate settings. In most cases settings are a loss for the designer or a proof of his/her ambivalence for the design. We strive to make easy to use, fun, beautiful and smart applications, and the best way to do this is to make a lot of choices. Tough choices, great choices, but most importantly choices. In some cases, you need settings though. Like the dust/crackle setting perhaps. Since the quality of different songs varies so much and since that in return effects the dust/crackle.

We would prefer an automatic solution for this though. That adjust the volume depending on which song. We’ll see if we work it out.

For those who would like to be able to turn the effect off completely: thank you for liking our app (!) but maybe we need to design a “regular” but awesomely cool music player for you guys? One that’s as fun and nice as VinylLove™, but one that isn’t a vinyl record player?

We have thought about it. A lot. Even though skins probably needs settings (there are of course other ways of solving it) we do like personality and skins is a great way of letting peoples personality shine through. That is why we are thinking about it and we’ll think about it some more, I promise.