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Sortle is all about sorting things in the right order. Which is higher, longer, faster, older or more expensive etc.. you get the point.

Challenge your friends in a Trivia game where you don’t really need to know the correct answer, just have an idea of how things relate to each other.

For instance, how tall is Tom Cruise? If you’re not a huge Tom Cruise fan you probably don’t know the answer, but you might know that he is shorter than both Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman? And probably a lot taller than an Ewok! Or ok, at least a little bit taller than an Ewok?

You might not know exactly how old the pyramids are, but you probably know they were built before World War II and after all the dinosaurs died? But is it older than all the other Wonders of the World or not?

Challenge your friends - Find or invite them. Connect to Facebook to see which of your friends are playing Sortle. Got no friends? Don’t worry, you can even play against random people.

Use the chat function to congratulate, to gloat or get to know your opponent. Heck, you might even find the future love of your life if you’re as smooth in the chatroom as you are talented at sorting.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Sortler and get you facts straight!

Sortle is available for free for iPhone, iPod and Android devices.



“I love the buttons in Sortle - I want to lick them”
Anders Mårtensson - CTO


* 1000+ questions - more than 10.000 items to be sorted in the correct order
* 7 fun categories - what’s your Achilles heel? I bet it sports.
* Challenge your friends - Find/Facebook/Contacts
* Play against random Sortlers
* Chat with you opponents
* Push notifications informing you of opponent’s last move
* Learn as you play! - ok, that’s not really a feature.. or is it?
* Awesomely catchy music - in fact it’s so awesomely catchy that we probably should warn you
* Available for both Android and iPhone

* Awesomely catchy music

* Play an infinite number of games simultaneously
* Get statistics of all your games. Total score and you vs friend score.
* Get rid of those tiresome ADs!
* Feel good about yourself for supporting the developers of this awesome game (Do you believe in Karma?)


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“Our first tagline was “You know when you've been Sortled” but we quickly dissmised that idea since it made no sense what so ever”
Mikael Peterson - Creative Director


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