For 100's of years, people with bad backs have not been able to write beautiful poetry on-the-go because they couldn't carry a fridge with them. But now they can!

With FridgePoems you can write beautiful poetry whenever you feel the urge to write a poem with not-always-correct grammar.

With "Poem of the day", you get a new set of words, a beautiful fridge and wallpaper combination each day. Challenge your friends, who can write the best poem? You have the exact same words to play with. And on special holidays, you might get a surprise...

There are even more Word Packs to unlock, so let the poetry flow. Take a snapshot, save the poems to your gallery, send them to your friends or post them directly on your Facebook timeline.

You can even customise the fridge and wallpaper, there is a selection of various fridges, colours and wallpapers to choose from.

rose s are red
violet s are blue
my name is fred
and i like you

- Fred, 39 years old


“There's a poet in everyone”
Anders Mårtensson - CTO


* Different Word Packs to choose from; Love, Hipster, Redneck, Christmas etc
* Customize your fridge, choose from different models and colours
* Share your masterpieces with your friends via Facebook, iMessage and email
* Change the wallpaper, choose from different patterns and colours


Q: Will there be more word-packs?

A: We will add more and more word-packs. Got an idea for a word-pack? Send us an email!

Q: I'm very curious about the secret word-packs. How do you get them? Do they come after you've played a certain amount of time of something?

A: Well, if we told you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it? But.. I can tell you about the first one. You simply need to share one poem with someone, and you'll unlock the first word-pack.

Q: I like your app, but as an iOS developer, I know that the NSDate API works just fine for finding out when it's a new day in the user's timezone – the claim that users need to approve location services is (as I understand it) a thinly veiled disguise at getting people to report their location for your analytics purposes.

A: We only use it to prevent cheating, i.e. so that users cannot change the date in the phone settings and hence get the next day's words. The solution we found was using the location and use that to check which timezone the user actually is in at the moment. If you have another solution, by all means please share it with us and we'll gladly remove the GPS requirement for POTD.

Q: Is there only one "I"?

A: There is more than one "I". Each time you tap the bottom left button you get a new random set of words. Sometimes you'll one "I", sometimes you'll get several.

Q: I unlocked a word-pack, but I didn't see any way to access it. How do you do that?

A: You can find and change word-packs if you go to where you compose poems, and then tap the little button at the bottom to the right. You'll see all available word-packs there, including the one you just unlocked.


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